Interest Rate and APY* is accurate as of: 10-2-2013

All interest rates are subject to change without notice.
*APY= Annual Percentage Yield

NOW Checking

(Personal or Business – Corporations and Partnerships Ineligible)
$1,000 minimum to open. The interest rate is variable and subject to change after the account is opened and without prior notice. *Fees may reduce earning.*

Account TypeMinimum DepositInterest RateAPY
Public Fund$1,000 0.25%0.25%
New Outlook Regular Individual$1,0000.25%0.25%
New Outlook Double Individual$1,0000.25%0.25%
New Outlook Club Regular Family$1,0000.25%0.25%
New Outlook Club Double Family$1,0000.25%0.25%
Super Now Account Personal$2,5000.50%0.50%
Super Now Account Public Fund $2,5000.50%0.50%
Super Now Account Non Personal$2,5000.50%0.50%

Top Yield Checking

(Personal or Business)
$2,500.00 deposit to open account. A minimum balance fee of $25.00 will be imposed every statement cycle if the daily balance in the account falls below $2,500.00 any day of the statement cycle. 6 free debits each statement cycle. A fee of $1.00 will be imposed for each subsequent debit. * Fees may reduce earnings.*

Account TypeMinimum DepositInterest RateAPY
Personal Tier 1 $2,500.00 - $39,999.00$2,5000.25%0.25%
Personal Tier 2 $40,000.00 - $79,999.00$2,5000.35%0.35%
Personal Tier 3 $80,000.00 and Over$2,5000.45%0.45%
Business Tier 1 $2,500.00 - $39,999.00$2,5000.25% 0.25%
Business Tier 2 $40,000.00 - $79,999.00$2,5000.35%0.35%
Business Tier 3 $80,000.00 and Over$2,5000.45%0.45%

Regular Savings

A minimum deposit of $25.00 is required to open the account. The minimum balance to earn interest is $100.00. A service charge in the amount of $3.00 will be debited if the account falls below $300.00 during the statement  cycle. South Lafourche bank allows 3 withdrawals per quarter, any withdrawals conducted after allowance will be charged $1.00 per transaction. *Fees could redice earnings. The interest rates listed below are variable and subject to change after the account is opened and without prior notice. If the account is closed within 1 year of the opening date, a $10.00 charge is required to be paid.

Balance Tiers/Account TypeMinimum DepositInterest RateAPY
Less than $100.00$25.000.00%0.00%
$100.00 and Over$25.000.25%0.25%
Christmas Club$25.000.25%0.25%

Certificates of Deposit and IRA’s

Withdrawals prior to maturity are subject to an early withdrawal penalty and could reduce earnings. IRA CD’s require at least a 6 month minimum term and use the same rates as regular CD’s.

TermMinimum Deposit Interest Rate APY
Auto Renew Compound 91 day$2,5000.15%0.15%
Auto Renew Compound 182 day$2,5000.25%0.25%
Auto Renew Compound 1 year$1,0000.45%0.45%
Auto Renew Compound 18 month$1,0000.55%0.55%
Auto Renew Compound 24 month$1,0000.70%0.70%
Auto Renew Compound 30 month$1,0000.95%0.95%
Auto Renew Compound 5 year$1,0001.45%1.46%
Non Auto Renew Compound 5 year Bump$1,0001.45%1.46%
91 day Auto Renew Certificate of Deposit$2,5000.15%0.15%
182 day Auto Renew Certificate of Deposit$2,5000.25%0.25%
18 month Auto Renew Certificate of Deposit$1,0000.55%0.55%
24 month Auto Renew Certificate of Deposit$1,0000.70%0.70%
30 month Auto Renew Certificate of Deposit$1,0000.95%0.95%
1 year Auto Renew Certificate of Deposit$1,0000.45%0.45%
5 year Auto Renew Certificate of Deposit$1,0001.45%1.46%
5 year Bump Non Auto Renew Certificate of Deposit$1,0001.45%1.46%
Traditional IRA 6 month$00.25%0.25%
Traditional IRA 12 month$00.45%0.45%
Traditional IRA 2 year$00.70%0.70%
Traditional IRA 30 month$00.95%0.95%
Traditional IRA 5 year$01.45%1.46%
Roth IRA 6 month$00.25%0.25%
Roth IRA 12 month$00.45%0.45%
Roth IRA 2 year$00.70%0.70%
Roth IRA 30 month$00.95%0.95%
Roth IRA 5 year$01.45%1.46%